Absolutely Crazy – Impact of Interest Rates

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I am begging you right now to take less than 60 seconds of your time to look at the chart below. There is no better way to really understand the impact of increased interest rates on mortgage payments than to check out this infographic: Some Highlights: Even a small increase in interest rates drastically impacts […]

Biggest Rental Secret Revealed

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Check out these unbelievable stats on why it is definitely way better (and cheaper) to buy a home than rent one. Have any questions about this big rental secret? Feel free to contact our office. Some Highlights: According to the San Diego Union Tribune, rent is up 5.3% over the same time last year. The big rental secret […]

Check this… Home Sales Through the Roof

Just last week, the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) released their Existing Home Sales Report. The numbers shocked many analysts as they revealed a 10.4% increase over the same month last year. This is the highest number of sales since September 2013. Sales have increased year-over-year for six consecutive months and the 10.4% increase is the highest annual increase […]

If You Want to Sell, Now Is the Time

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Every seller wants to get the best price for his or her home when it sells. We learned in high school that the best price for any item will be determined by the demand for that item relative to the supply of that item. The inventory (the supply) is what helps to determine the price. […]

Hot Report – Mortgages Now Easier to Obtain


There has been a lot of discussion about how difficult it is to get a home mortgage in this market. There is no doubt that the process is not as easy as it was eight to ten years ago and that’s probably good for our economy. (Some people actually say that getting a root canal […]

3 Spicy Hot Home Selling Tips

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In today’s market, where demand is outpacing supply, pricing a house is one of the biggest challenges real estate professionals face. Sellers often want to price their home higher than recommended, and many agents go along with the idea to keep their clients happy. However, the best agents realize that telling the homeowner the truth […]

5 Demands to Make on your Real Estate Agent

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Are you thinking of selling your house this spring? Are you dreading having to deal with strangers entering your personal space? Are you concerned about getting the paperwork completed correctly? Hiring a professional real estate agent can take away most of the challenges of selling. A great agent is always worth more than the commissions […]

4 Reasons You Should Be Buying a Home Now

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Is it a good time to buy? Will rates go up? Will rates go down? Will prices increase or decrease? Without a crystal ball, it is hard to say what will happen. But according to research, there are four pretty good reasons you should be buying a home right now: Prices Will Continue to Rise. […]