Why Renters Should Stop Paying the Landlord’s Mortgage

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When pressed, there are people who might say that they have not purchased a home because they are uncomfortable taking on the obligation of a mortgage. However, everyone should realize that, unless you are living with your parents rent-free, you are paying a mortgage—either your mortgage or your landlord’s mortgage. According to representatives at Harvard […]

Hey Home Buyer, Want $8.00 a Day?

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More first-time homebuyers are joining the housing market now than in the last few years. Not only are renters entering the housing market, but many first-time buyers include Millennials (born between 1981 – 1997). Are one of the many in this generation who sees your friends and family joining the real estate market? Do you […]

Why You Need to Sell Your Home Now

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If you are a homeowner who is debating putting your house on the market this year, don’t miss out on the great opportunity taking place in our real estate market right now! The latest Existing Home Sales Report from The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) reveals that the inventory of homes for sale has dropped to […]

You Don’t Need 20% Down to Buy a Home


A recent survey by Ipsos found that the American public is still somewhat confused about the types of requirements to obtain a mortgage loan in today’s housing market. The study pointed out two major misconceptions that we want to address today. Down Payment The survey revealed that consumers overestimate the down payment funds needed to qualify for […]

The Truth About Your Credit Score

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A credit score is precious. You need to protect your credit score like you do your children. However, there are many common myths about credit scoring and credit scores. Check out the infographic below which debunks the most common myths about credit scores. And, if you are seeking a lender to help you get qualified […]

Secrets for Summer Home Buyers

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Summer is here. Perhaps you purchased a new book to read while sitting by the pool in Encinitas Ranch or Rancho Ponderosa. Or, perhaps you downloaded a bunch of fun apps or summer movies to watch on your iPad. If you haven’t done either and real estate is your bag these days, check out Broadpoint […]

The Truth About Buying a Condo

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If you are considering buying a condo in Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista, Carlsbad, Escondido and beyond, there is a dirty little secret that you need to know about before you go on a search for condos in San Diego County. It’s not anything that should make you turn the other way. After all, there are […]

Is Owning a Home Better Than Renting One?

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The results of the latest Home Price Expectation Survey (HPES) showed where residential home prices are headed over the next five years. Let’s check out what the results of the report could mean to you—why owning a home is better than renting one. A good portion of every family’s wealth comes from the equity in […]

Sell my home? Is now the time?

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If you have considered the question “Should I sell my home?”, the answer is this: now may be the time to do it. The inventory of homes for sale is well below historic norms and buyer demand is skyrocketing. We were still in high school when we learned the concept of supply and demand: the […]