Thinking of finally getting your own home this Spring? This season is the busiest time in real estate and here are reasons why it is a good time to buy and hopefully help you ‘spring ahead’ to a decision.

reasons why spring is a good time to buy a home

Extra cash from your tax refund

For those who finish their taxes and end up getting a fine amount of refund, this additional money can be used as a down payment.

School is out in summer

There is a strong chance you will be moving in summer if you buy in spring. The kids will be at home and parents get a break from crazy school schedules. Also, there would be less uprooting involved than if you were to move to a new house and change schools in the middle of a school year.

reasons why spring is a good time to buy a home-good moving weather

Good moving weather

Moving is a lot of work in itself; add rain or too much heat to the mix and things get a lot harder. Moving in around spring or summer ensures you will have clear skies and your furniture and electronics kept dry and away from water damage.

Prime time for real estate

Based on past trends, spring is a very good time to enter the housing market. More properties are being listed and the demand is consistently strong, no matter the economy. This means buyers like you could need to be more strategic with your offers due to high competition. You could do things like considering waiving the inspection fee or ignore one of those minor fixes that show up in the inspection report to give yourself an advantage over other home buyers. So having a reliable real estate pro who’s well-versed with current market conditions and workarounds is a huge plus.

Prices are going up

Home values are on the rise so the earlier you decide will give you a good opportunity to get a good price. And if you buy a home now, you will be able to start building equity as the value of your home ‘blooms’ with the market.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make in your lifetime and can bring much stress and overwhelm. But those who are motivated and diligent can find the right deal that fits their needs. If you need help looking for a home or if you would like some lender referrals, contact the agents and staff at Broadpoint Properties.