Signs You Should Sell Your Home

A big decision, a major life choice for your most important asset – selling your house at the wrong time will haunt you down the road. We’ll share with you the things you need to consider so you can have full confidence that you are indeed ready to enter the real estate game.

These signs will tell you, and your home, are ready to sell:

Your family is outgrowing your current home

Maybe you feel like it’s time to upgrade to a bigger and better home. Or you’re yearning for a more peaceful life in the suburbs. Not all stay in their first home forever — especially after they’ve outgrown it and it’s okay. In fact, relocating to a new or better home is the top reason Americans move, according to the 2020 census, and buyers usually use the proceeds from their old house to purchase their next one.

You have a full or empty house

Changes in lifestyle are compelling you to rethink your living space — the kids have moved out, now you have too much space. It could be that you’re in need of an extra room for a home office since you’re now working from home. Or that you’re close to retirement and thinking of having a ground floor bedroom. Ask yourself: “Is my home serving my needs?”

While renovating is a good idea, if it makes more sense financially and time-wise to find a new home that’s already done the way you want it, then it may be time to sell.

You’re emotionally ready to sell your home

It can be hard to let go when the house has so many memories attached to it. And other members of the family can have some reservations towards this change. Add the decluttering process when moving out and digging up all the precious mementos can only make it even more heartbreaking. But it’s all part of the selling process, so you’ll need to ready yourself to detach, let go and focus on moving forward.

The market generally favors home sellers

If you want top dollar on your house, timing is key. Things to consider where you can say it’s a good time for sellers like you are: (1) home prices in your area are increasing, (2) the amount of time houses are listed is decreasing, and (3) the real estate businesses are busy in your neighborhood. Ask around and find out if homes similar to yours are selling at prices higher than you expected, then it’s a good time to move. Do your research on your local market or consult a trusted real estate agent to find out how the current housing market is shaping up in your area.

You’ve got a solid plan for what comes next

If you’re selling, you’re also probably buying, so you need to make sure that you’re making a good deal as a buyer as well. In times like a recession, you will benefit from low interest rates and lower prices. Make a cash out when you have more equity on your side to make the next purchase less painful.

With these steps in mind and with the help of your local Realtor® at Broadpoint Properties, you should be able to sell your home in San Diego County fast and for top dollar!