Buy a Home in Escondido – Old Escondido Historic District

Oct 24, 2011

The City of Escondido has so many distinct parts. Did you know that it is comprised of four ZIP codes and that each area has its own climate and culture? Lomas Serenas, Rancho Verde, Sonata, Eureka Springs and Emerald Heights are just a few of the neighborhoods in the city of Escondido

One area that attracts a very specific kind of buyer is Downtown Escondido, also known as the Old Escondido Historic District.Valuing the community’s unique heritage, the City of Escondido established the district in 1989. It features 900 homes built in the mid-1880s to date. The Old Escondido Historic District is bounded by 4th Avenue on the north, 13th on the south, Escondido Boulevard to the west, and Chestnut on the east.

Old Escondido Historic District

In addition, home appraisals can protect the bank from getting stuck with a property that is worth less than they have invested. In cases of non-payment or failure to pay on the loan, if the home goes into foreclosure, the bank will recoup the money it lent the borrower by selling the home. It is in this unforeseen situation that the bank is protected against lending more than it might be able to get back. (Of course, during the Recession, home values decreased so much that it did not matter about the previous appraisal. Many homes were worth less than the amount of the loan and still are worthless to this day.)

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