Calling in the Expert – Home Inspector

Jun 12, 2019

home inspector

In purchasing a home, one of the most important steps is the home inspection. Home inspections are a great learn a lot about the home you are buying, but there are some items that a general home inspector can’t evaluate.

Evaluations of Pools or Septic Systems

For the most part, general home inspectors are not certified to inspect everything about the home. A pool inspector or an expert in septic systems or wells may be needed to conduct a thorough inspection of these areas in a home.

Hidden Flaws

Inspectors check for what they can physically see without moving anything in the home. So, they may not have to be able to say whether the foundation is cracked behind the wood paneling or an electrical plug behind a sofa isn’t working.

Termite, Rats, or Mold

Most inspectors are not licensed to determine whether these type of infestations exist. Instead, they may note evidence of things, such as sagging floors (termites), shredded insulation (rats) or black discoloration in the walls (fungal growth), which could indicate problems in the home.

Unnecessary Repairs

Some inspectors are very thorough and may note every little flaw in a home from chipped paint to window scratches. Don’t be overwhelmed if your report is several pages long. Your Realtor® can review the report with you and provide their advice on what something is normal wear and tear or whether it is an area of concern. Also, don’t forget that you can always do a formal Request for Repairs and ask the seller to address health and safety issues.

Source: California Association of Realtors®

home inspector