Check this: Borrowers Get Bogged Down with the Mortgage Process

Jan 16, 2019

mortgage process

The buying and mortgage process takes tons of time and paperwork. In fact, it is often so stressful and challenging that the process gets in the way of the enjoyment of purchasing a home.

According to the survey and infographic below, borrowers want the mortgage process to be less onerous and faster; additionally, they want personal interaction with their mortgage lender as they walk through this challenging process.

Here’s what borrowers want from the mortgage process:

  • 27% of those surveyed want a reduction in paperwork
  • 20% of those surveyed want easier to shop and compare terms from lenders
  • 16% of those surveyed want less back and forth during the process

Guess what? Almost everyone wants more personal interaction!

  • 65% of those surveyed prefer a person to explain the mortgage terms option
  • 58% of those surveyed want assistance reviewing final loan documents
  • 58% of those surveyed prefer a person to help them review final documents
  • 56% of those surveyed want help signing loan documents

If you are seeking a lender who will meet your needs, give the agents at Broadpoint Properties a call. We’ll be happy to give you a referral.

Mortgage Process