Man looking shocked

It’s that time of the year when we all embrace spooky thrills. To celebrate the Halloween spirit, our agents and friends in the real estate industry unveil their creepiest encounters while on duty.

“Dead Man” in the Garage

“A colleague of mine was shocked to have discovered a man, who appeared to be unconscious, in the garage at a listing! They thought he was dead. After a few attempts of calling his attention, he finally woke up.”


Weird Home Feature

“I entered an empty house and found only a lawn chair and a six-foot pole with a machete blade securely duct-taped to its end. Needless to say, I did not hold that open house…”


What’s in There?

“I once hosted an open house and to my surprise, one of the bedrooms had a padlocked door. Not locked door knob, as in drilled the door with a hasp and padlock! The seller’s reason is that they have stored all their valuables in that one room before the move and didn’t have a locking door knob. Or so they say…”


House of Horror

“I entered a severely dilapidated foreclosure property, and as I went downstairs, I encountered unsettling writings etched into the walls, all centered around themes of death and how great it is. Although I can’t recall the exact wording, it contained various expressions glorifying death. Additionally, I discovered a piece of paper on the floor adorned with what seemed to be drawings of demonic figures.

The basement had a few dimly lit rooms that I opted not to explore, mainly due to concerns about potential squatters.

Furthermore, my visit left me with an unfortunate souvenir – I was covered in fleas, which certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience.”


The Doll House

“I entered an empty house and encountered incredibly eerie ‘life-sized toddler’ dolls, the type often placed in windows for decoration. I startled when I walked into a bedroom and saw one of these dolls peering out from an unusual window. It was unsettling.”


The Scariest Story of All

“Years ago, I showed an older but charming (okay, quite creepy) home to my clients. The property featured a lengthy driveway, stretching about half a mile, mostly concealed beneath a dense canopy of trees. The clients looked creepy too. They matched the house. Think the Addams Family.

They mentioned a previous agent who, for undisclosed reasons, requested to be released from their contract. As we explored the elegant but neglected house, we eventually made our way to the barn. As we slid the door open, I was utterly startled to find… another real estate agent inside!” 😊


Happy Halloween, all! 🎃