person handing out a home with a heart carved on it

In Dr. Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages”, it delves into how individuals communicate in their romantic relationships through words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time abd physical touch. To know your love language, you can take a quiz here. Its principles can be extended to other interpersonal connections, such as interactions with your children, colleagues, and in businesses like real estate. 


Here’s how real estate professionals serve their clients based on their love languages:


Words of Affirmation

Recognizing and praising the client’s hard work can transform a transaction into a deeply appreciated collaboration. They acknowledge and applaud clients for milestones, such as completing paperwork or securing pre-approval. An agent might express, “Congratulations on securing financing! We’re a few steps closer for a successful homebuying journey.” They may also offer words of encouragement during challenging phases of the transaction to instill confidence in you.


Acts of Service

Going the extra mile for clients, ensuring a smooth process, negotiating and resolving challenges epitomize acts of service that speak volumes. They can give guidance with extensive paperwork, provide trusted referrals for inspectors, movers, etc., and addressing any post-sale concerns.


Receiving Gifts

Gifts are symbolic gestures of gratitude and celebration. Agents may give clients a small gift as a token of appreciation at the close of the transaction, such as a customized item or something related to their new home.


Quality Time

Effective communication and thoughtful follow-ups demonstrate a commitment to your time and needs. An agent may carve some time for consultations to help you understand the real estate market and making informed decisions. They may also take the time to give you property tours, open houses and answer any questions you may have throughout the process.


Physical Touch

While the professional arena demands decorum, physical touch may still apply in the form of handshakes, pat on the back or placing a hand on a client’s shoulder in stressful or emotional times. A good agent knows how to set personal-professional boundaries.


Real estate is not just about houses and properties; you also touch people’s dreams, aspirations and are involved in one of the most significant financial decisions in their lives. Recognizing this emotional journey is the first step in appreciating the love languages in action.