Housekeeping Tips from Grandma

Next time you’re cleaning, remember what you or other’s grandmas do to keep the house in order.


  • Cut Dish Sponges in Half

A practical grandma knows how to make the most of their items at home. Not only are you getting two sponges for the price of one, but smaller sponges also make it easier to use and fit into pots and dishes.


  • Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Not a lot of commercial cleaning products are available back in the day, so she’s most likely just using what she has available in the house and created her own cleaning concoction using lemon, vinegar, or baking soda. Here are popular Basic DIY cleaning recipes you can copy.


  • Shine Silver with Toothpaste

It makes the teeth shine, it will probably shine silver too, right? Well, she’s not totally wrong. Toothpaste contains tiny abrasive particles to scrub the dirt away, so yes — it will shine your metals but it is not the best cleaner for the job. If you absolutely need to do a fix-up right now, non-gel toothpaste can do the job.


  • Bid Goo Goodbye with Oil

Price tags, jar labels or tar are a no-match for nana’s trick — put some oil on a soft cloth and it will dissolve the stickiness away. Vegetable oil, canola, olive oil, or even essential oils are good options.


  • Wrinkle-Free Clothes, No Ironing Required

Zaida Khaze, founder and CEO of Wiggletot shares with Good Housekeeping, “After my grandma saw me ironing clothes that were hanging to dry, she mentioned putting wet clothes in the dryer for five minutes before hanging them to dry. Once the clothes air dry, they are wrinkle-free.”


  • Make Pulling Out Weeds Easier

To completely uproot the weeds, water it first. It allows the soil to loosen, making it easier to pull.


  • Clean Microwave Easily

Put some dish soap on a wet paper towel, heat in the microwave for a minute and you’ve got the gunk inside more loose and easier to wipe off.


  • Done Is Better than Perfect

You can clean all day and still have a list of things to do. No matter how seemingly well-kept her home is, gram understands that perfect never gets done.


What are your grandma’s best-kept housekeeping secrets? Let us know in the comments!