Rethink: Outdated Real Estate Advice

Jun 5, 2019

outdated real estate advice

Everyone has an opinion, right? Maybe it’s your great Aunt or your father’s best friend, but everyone wants to share their real estate advice and experiences. The question is: Is it actually good advice?

Here are some of the most common pieces of real estate advice you may hear and the truth about them:

Wait for Spring

Waiting for spring—the busiest season of the year in real estate—won’t give you the best advantage. While there may be more houses available, there is also more competition. Instead, buy when you find the right property that meet your needs for today.

Wait for home prices to come down

Some buyers may told to wait until the home prices come down before jumping into the market. It is important to remember though that rents are increasing in San Diego and Riverside Counties. So, while the market may go down a little in the future, it may not be the best idea to pay high rent when you could be paying down your mortgage.

Make a lower offer so there is room to negotiate

You may hear that it is a good idea to offer less than what you are actually willing to pay so you can negotiate. Well, a truly motivated seller is less inclined to engage back and forth. Instead, base your offer on sales of similar homes in the area.

Also, make sure you talk to Realtor® about the best approach to buying a house in today’s market.

Source: California Association of Realtors®

outdated realestate advice