It’s True: Staged Homes Sell Best

Aug 14, 2019

staged home

Vacant home or staged home? Selling a vacant home is sometimes tricky as it lacks the visual lure and is less attractive to prospective buyers. Home staging is a key to attracting home shoppers, particularly because today’s consumers are used to watching home makeover programs on television.

Based on NAR 2019 Profile of Home Staging Report, 83% of buyer’s agents state that staging a home will make it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home. More than half of sellers’ agents say staging a home decreases the amount of time it spends in the market. 44% of buyers’ agents say staging a home increases its value. 25% of agents say staging can increase the home value by 1 to 5 percent, and 12% says it will increase the value by 6 to 10%.

As reported, the most important rooms of the home to stage are: 

  1. Living Room
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Kitchen

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