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With World Sleep Day coming up, we thought it would be fun to discuss not only ways to get better sleep but also tips and tools for an aesthetically pleasing bedroom. Nice looking bedrooms—sweet sleep and increased interest in your home—if you were to put it on the market. 

One-third of your life is spent sleeping and all too often, people ignore the importance of what a bedroom actually means in getting great sleep. If you’re struggling to catch some z’s, perhaps it’s time to start looking at how your bedroom impacts your sleep, and ways to improve it. Follow our guide to a stress-free bedroom and create the utmost “you time” retreat.

The Bed

5 Things You Should Know About Bedrooms choose the right bedImage by Jess Megan

Give yourself room to spread out
Even if you sleep on your own, that doesn’t mean that you should buy yourself a single bed. Some sleepers need or like a lot of space to feel comfortable in, so if you’re one of them consider investing in a double bed. If you have a big or reasonable size bedroom and your partner is always taking up all the space in the bed then consider investing in queen or even king beds to provide enough horizontal sleeping space. Upfront costs of a new bed may be scary, it may be worth your while to get the best that you can afford.

Sleep in a natural fiber bed sheets
Egyptian cotton or bamboo bed sheets are breathable and make great options to help keep you cool and dry.

Choose the right mattress
Here’s where you have to do your best princess-and-the-pea impression to see what feels right to you. In general, side sleepers need a softer mattress, stomach sleepers need a firm one, and back sleepers fall somewhere in the middle. Innersprings may have more pressure relief than some foam or latex mattresses. Memory foam and/or latex is best for those with back pain since it molds to your body for support.

Decor and accessories

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Go for shades that are soothing to your eyes
You can never go wrong with blues, greens, purples, grays, silvers, and neutrals. This creates a calming effect, which can help lower your blood pressure and slow your breathing.

Less is more
Frame significant photos and memorabilia by your nightstand. Make it meaningful and to a minimum.

Hang a mirror on the wall opposite your window
This reflects the outdoors and creates the illusion of extra light and space.

Decorate with fresh flowers or leafy plants
Choose aloe vera, peace lilies and snake plants which can help clean the air.

Try essential oils and reed diffusers
Aromatherapy creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere, which can help you wind down to sleep. Go for lavender or vanilla to improve your sleep or clary sage to help reduce anxiety and boost your mood.

The Lighting

Switch to warm yellow bulbs- stress-free bedroomImage from

Switch to warm yellow bulbs
Bright white or fluorescent bulbs create a harsh, less relaxing atmosphere and stimulate the brain. If you like sleeping with lights on, then warm bulbs are optimal.

Block out light for better sleep
If you’re the type who likes to sleep in total darkness, put up blackout curtains to light coming in and even stop sounds.

Organization and upkeep

Make your bed each morning.Image from

Make your bed each morning
It only takes 30 seconds and makes all the difference in creating a tidier, cleaner looking bedroom. Also, by doing this, you will have accomplished your first win of the day and give you a sense of pride and productivity.

Keep electronics out of the bedroom
If you must have a television, hide it in a cabinet. It is best practice to keep laptops and smartphones in a different room to avoid distraction and to prompt yourself that it’s time to doze off.

Opt for hidden storage
Place a storage bench at the foot of your bed or turn dressers into side tables for extra storage. Remove anything we don’t need because clutter can cause stress and anxiety.

Tidy it up
Dedicate at least 5-10 minutes weekly to clear up surface space to prevent stress-inducing pile-ups of magazines and other daily debris. Vacuum and dust your room for a bright, fresh and allergen-free environment.

I think we can all agree that having a good night’s rest can contribute to having a good mood throughout the day. In honor of World Sleep Day or if you are thinking of prepping your home for a quick sale, try doing these small tweaks to your bedroom.

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