5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Oct 16, 2019

When selling a house, first impressions count. So the things that buyers see in the first 5-seconds already make them think to themselves “Okay, this is the one!” You don’t have to completely go crazy and change the facade. Tweaking small details can make a surprising difference in the curb appeal of your home.

5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Image from 33decor.com

Ways to add interest to the home you’re selling

Paint the front door

A welcoming front door says a lot about the rest of the house to buyers seeing it for the first time. If replacing the door is too much for your budget, you can give it a fresh lick of paint to make it look new. Try a bright or exciting color that makes the front door pop!

Put some fresh plants next to the door

Plants just have a way of making any space feel bright, lively, and pretty. They enhance one’s mood – exactly the kind of situation we want your buyers to be in when checking out your property. Flowery plants look cute but some people may be allergic to certain ones. So leafy plants are always a safer choice. Consider grouping a few potted plants in an arrangement by the entry.

Buy new exterior lights

Nothing screams “Look, this house is gorgeous and safe” more than a house with great lighting outdoors. It makes the house look polished and unified. Also, it’s good to have little features like this already installed for your prospects for their security. It doesn’t cost much to change out your exterior lights for new ones, and may change the entire look of a home!

Install a new mailbox

It’s just a mailbox, who cares right? Well, it’s another tiny thing that strikes first impressions of your home. Keep your curb appeal fresh and bright by getting a stylish, practical mailbox.

Update the house numbers

Have a house number display that one can easily see from the street. It brings another layer of visual interest to your property’s exterior. Consider a new and interesting font to give your exterior a facelift that is worth more than the $20 you spent for the new numbers!

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