Updating your home with a coat of paint will bring a new vibe and freshen up the home without hurting your wallet too much. Colors give the effect and ambiance to your home but have you ever put any thought into the sheen of the paint itself? Some paint finishes require low maintenance when it comes to cleaning and hiding imperfections on surfaces and some react differently when light hits them. As such, it is helpful to know which paint finish will work the best per room.

Here are the types of paint finishes and where to use them.

Flat and matte paint finish

Flat and matte

This non-reflective finish provides a smooth, subtle finish that diffuses light and hides slight imperfections. The downside of this type of paint though is that it can chip easily and holds onto dirt, making it harder to clean; so it’s recommended to use this in low traffic areas in the house such as dining rooms, ceilings, and adult bedrooms.



Like a real eggshell, this paint finish has a velvety look and low luster. This also adds depth and warmth to a room. It is easier to clean than a flat finish and is a good fit for places at home with moderate foot traffic like hallways and entryways.



This has a pearl-like appearance, slightly reflective and can be wiped clean. Good to use for areas in the house with exposure to moisture. This is a popular type of finish as it is very versatile and can be used for moderate to high traffic areas in the house like kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, kids rooms, laundry area and more. You can also find this paint used for exterior walls, furniture, cabinets, trims, and interior doors.



This one sits in the middle of satin and high-gloss when it comes to sheen. This paint finish reflects light, has high-durability and can be scrubbed clean so it’s ideal for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, family rooms. Like satin, this is also a good option for furniture, cabinets, trim, doors, and ceilings.



This paint finish has the most shine and highest durability. Much like semi gloss, this one also reflects light, resists dirt, stains and mildew and is easy to clean. However, because of the wet-look and high sheen, imperfections appear more prominent with this type of finish. Although it is rarely used, it is recommended for high-traffic areas like semi-gloss. Popular choice for utility rooms as well. This is also a good choice for a statement, decorative, or architectural piece at home.

When you do decide to spruce things up at home and paint, consider the finish as well. These are just general guidelines, but overall a fresh coat of paint can always make the homeowner feel great, and breathe life into an old or tired room.