Deciding Between One-Story and Two-Story Living


Uncertain about whether a one-story or two-story home aligns with your needs? The choice is influenced by individual preferences and requirements. To help you decide, here’s a comparison between a one-story home and a two-story home:


One-story homes are ideal for a range of individuals and situations, including but not limited to the following:

  • Seniors: One-story homes are often preferred by seniors or retirees due to their ease of mobility. They eliminate the need to navigate stairs, making daily living more accessible and safer.
  • Families with Young Children: Families with young children may find one-story homes more convenient, as they provide a single-level living space that’s easier to supervise and childproof.
  • Individuals with Mobility Challenges: People with mobility challenges, whether temporary or permanent, benefit from the accessibility of one-story homes, where there are no stairs to navigate.
  • Homeowners Planning to Age in Place: If you plan to stay in your home as you age, a one-story layout can accommodate changing mobility needs and support aging in place.
  • Those Seeking Energy Efficiency: One-story homes often have a smaller footprint, which can make them more energy-efficient and cost-effective to heat and cool.
  • Buyers on Smaller Lots: In areas with limited land space, one-story homes can maximize living area on a smaller lot.
  • Investors Targeting Rental Properties: Investors looking to attract a broad range of tenants, including those with mobility concerns, may find one-story homes appealing for rental properties.


Two-story homes are perfect for anyone, but many owners have two-story homes have pointed out that they are an excellent choice in the following situations:

  • Families with Older Children: Families with older children or teenagers may appreciate the separation of living spaces that two-story homes offer. Bedrooms are typically located on the upper floor, providing more privacy for both parents and children.
  • Big Families: In San Diego, where land prices can be high, a two-story home can be a cost-effective way to maximize living space without increasing the size of your lot. Two-story homes can accommodate multigenerational living arrangements by providing separate living spaces on different levels, allowing for more privacy and independence for different generations.
  • Home Office Users: Those who require a dedicated home office may find the layout of a two-story home conducive to creating a quiet workspace away from the common areas.
  • Privacy Seekers: Individuals who value privacy and prefer to keep the bedrooms separate from the living and entertainment areas may prefer two-story homes.
  • Views and Scenic Locations: In areas with scenic views such as Valley Center in San Diego, a two-story home can allow residents to enjoy these views from an elevated vantage point, adding to the overall appeal of the property. 
  • People Concerned with Security: Some people feel more secure sleeping on an upper floor, particularly in areas with security concerns or wildlife presence.


Consider factors such as your family size, mobility requirements, long-term plans, and the local real estate market when making your decision. Now that you know what kind of home fits your needs and are ready to make the #GreatMove of homeownership, don’t hesitate to contact our agents at Broadpoint Properties.