Features Of An Old Home Worth Saving And Restoring


Old homes have charm and craftsmanship that can be rare these days. A well-maintained property in desirable neighborhoods can also appreciate in value over time. However, one must have the willingness to invest in maintenance and updates, and appreciation for the unique character that older homes often offer. If you’re wondering which features of an old home are worth saving and restoring without making it look old-time, we got you covered:


Architectural Details

architectural details by Jonny Valient

Image by Jonny Valient


Ornate moldings and trim work add character to a home and can be retained with a fresh coat of paint. Original stained glass windows contribute to the home’s character and can be repaired or replicated. These elements often showcase craftsmanship that may be challenging to replicate in modern construction.


Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors


Original hardwood floors, especially those with unique patterns or inlays, are often considered valuable. They can often be restored to their former glory through refinishing.


Original Windows

Stained glass window

Image from Pinterest


Stained glass windows contribute to the home’s character and can be repaired or replicated. Original window casings add character, and energy-efficient glass can replace old panes.




Intricate mantels, tile surrounds, or historic fireplaces can be focal points in older homes. Restoring these features can add both aesthetic and functional value.


Built-In Furniture


Homes from certain periods may feature built-in furniture such as bookshelves, china cabinets, or window seats. Preserving these elements can enhance the home’s functionality and charm.


Original Fixtures


Light fixtures, chandeliers, or other original fixtures can add a touch of nostalgia. But you can also breathe new life to them by updating the entire look with spray paint, new light shades and new light bulbs.


Exterior Details

before and after exterior of a 1910's home

Image from Home Town and A House With History


Exterior features like decorative trim, porch railings, or intricate woodwork contribute to a home’s curb appeal. Restoring these details can enhance the overall aesthetic and keep the home’s unique story for years to come.


When restoring an old home, it’s essential to strike a balance between preserving its historical character and ensuring that it meets modern safety and functionality standards. Consulting with professionals experienced in historic preservation can provide valuable guidance throughout the restoration process.