At this time of year, you are likely setting goals of what you’ll be able to accomplish this year. What about your home goals? In the spirit of new beginnings, we’re sharing New Year’s home improvement ideas that you may want to consider for your home this year to improve your living space.

Resolutions For Your Home In The New Year

Home Improvement Ideas for the New Year 2022

Cut down the use of energy

Doing things like switching off lights when not in use, turning down the thermostat, using more energy-efficient appliances, and making sure to seal and insulate duct work for efficient heating and cooling will shrink your bills and make Mother Earth happy, too.

Change your air filters

When was the last time you changed the filter? You’d be amazed how much builds up on there in a very short time. And, you only need five to ten minutes to get it done.

Get your pantry sorted

Did you recently discover a can of Spam which you swore you’re gonna cook one of these days, but have totally forgotten and now it’s past its best before date? Or that the spices have clumped together? Looks like it’s only proper to take everything out of the cabinet and organize! Get rid of the ones that are expired, you can add labels, or put things in containers to reduce clutter. It’s easier to cook when you know exactly where the ingredients are, plus they’re a treat to the eyes too!

Get your pantry sorted Resolutions For Your Home In The New Year

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Make your house safe and sound

Safety should always come first. Ensure you’re not living with a potential fire, health or security risk. Aside from installing fire detectors, check your house for gases like radon and carbon monoxide also. You may also consider installing smart home devices for extra protection.

Work out a weekly system for keeping your house clean

Everybody would love to come home to a spic and span space but the act of cleaning itself is not everyone’s cup of tea. Coming up with a solid plan to keep your house clean could be the best thing you can do this year. Have a daily, weekly as well as monthly plan to keep your entire house clean. Below is a sample schedule. Don’t forget to get your family involved and divide the work.

Home Cleaning Schedule Resolutions For Your Home In The New Year

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Clean out dryer lint

The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than 10,000 home fires begin in laundry rooms annually. Oftentimes, it’s caused by built-up lint in the dryer. Clean the dryer lint from inside your clothes dryer as well as dryer lint caught in the exhaust vent.

And, finally, the entire team at Broadpoint Properties wishes you a new year filled with good times, good health, and happiness! Cheers to the new year!