Spring Cleaning Checklist for Sellers

If you are thinking about selling your home, it’s a good idea to spend some time preparing it for sale. This season is the busiest time in real estate and here are reasons why it is a good time to sell and hopefully help you ‘spring ahead’ to a decision.


Make it spotless

Prepare your home for sale and make it presentable. Nothing turns off a buyer like a dirty house.

  • An unclean window is easy to spot. Make sure all windows and mirrors are spotless – they help let the light in your home beautifully and make it seem more inviting to buyers, which is an added bonus.
  • Clear wash bins and drains.
  • Clean filters.
  • Get the carpet cleaned.
  • Wash the curtains, beddings, etc. (Nothing says springtime fresh by having newly laundered linens!)
  • Make sure the floors are polished.
  • Clean kitchen appliances like fridges, ovens and stoves.
  • Aside from clutter, dust, and stains, make sure to also mind the smell. Create pleasant smells using freshly brewed coffee or baked pastry.



A more open and larger space is enticing to buyers. Buyers are attracted to homes with impeccable closets and drawers with extra space.

  • Clear the counters and drawers.
  • Pack up personal items.
  • Get rid of old furniture.
  • Get rid of papers on tables.


Improve Your Curb Appeal

Try standing outside and look at the front of your home. Is it making a good impression? Some things to make it more inviting to potential buyers:

  • Clear the space of clutter such as piles of shoes or sporting equipment.
  • Make sure your lawn is mowed and the landscaping is done well. Add a potted, flowering plant, preferable yellow ones as they stimulate buying urges.
  • If you can, give your front door a facelift by adding a fresh coat of paint.
  • Replace exterior lights too if they are busted. (And turn them on during showings!)
  • Clear gutters.


Bonus Tip: Your house doesn’t have to be perfect in order to sell! Quick fixes and improvements before selling are worth it — such as repairing a broken fence, updating faulty wiring, sealing water leaks and applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

With these tips in mind and with the help of a local Realtor®, you should be able to sell your home fast and for top dollar this Spring! Looking for an experienced agent in San Diego County? We’re here to help.