Stylish Ways of Hiding the Ugly Stuff Inside Your Home

Cords, thermostats, routers, plumbing, and pet items are all functional but don’t look that great in the open. Look, you don’t have to redo your home or make any drastic changes — we will share some cheap and creative solutions for this. Feel free to copy these quick and easy tips on hiding or organizing some not-so-pretty items in your home.

  • Place your modem or router in a basket. Make sure you choose one with holes to allow for proper ventilation.


  • Cover power outlets in the kitchen with a wooden cutting board.


  • Hide your thermostat or switch box behind a picture frame.


  • Conceal the pipes under the sink in your bathroom with some plants that require low light, like a snake plant or ZZ plant.


  • Clutter problems? Here are some good-looking storage options:
    – Wicker baskets
    – Galvanized bucket
    – Wooden crates
    – Wire baskets
    – Enamel containers
    – Matching glass jars
    – Leather containers


hide tv cords

Image from Fresh Crush


  • Make your own charging station by placing all your gadgets in a magazine rack while charging.


  • Another popular charging station is a bread box in the kitchen.


  • Ever heard of a doogie drawer? It’s a secret drawer to keep away your pet’s food and water bowl.


  • How about a kitty litter cabinet? Genius!


Which of these ideas are you copying? Let us know in the comments.