Keeping a clean home can be a challenge as it is, but when you are a pet owner, it’s a whole new level of crazy. Your furry friends can make great companions but they sure can leave quite a mess (and stink)! If your household is currently on the verge of becoming a fur kingdom, here are ways to keep your pet-friendly home fresh.

Keep your Pet-Friendly Home Feeling Fresh

bathe your pet to keep your home fresh

Keep your pets clean

Your fur babies may look clean, but giving your pets baths more regularly, say once a week, will show and smell a massive difference. Plus, they can get used to the habit and that makes bathtime more manageable. Also, act on messy accidents immediately. Use an enzyme-based cleaner to minimize smells.

Clean your pet’s stuff

Even the cutest pets have a smell. Pet beds, chewed up toys, litter boxes need to be cleaned regularly. Baking soda works wonders on soft furnishings, as well as in and around litter boxes. Do this ideally on a sunny day and allow them to air dry outside where the sun will help kill bad odors.

Use an old towel or mat as cover

If your pets have a favorite spot in your home where they like to cozy up during the day, try putting down an old towel, a pet blanket or throw that matches your decor just for them in their spot. It will keep the carpet or sofa cleaner and less hairy. Plus, it’s easier to throw it in the laundry as well.

brush your pet to minimise fur at home

Groom them

Hair is a major issue for pet owners. Aside from keeping a strict cleaning schedule when it comes to scooping up pet fur, grooming your pet regularly helps decrease the amount of hair around your home. Never ignore the power of brushing too, as not only does it help with cleanliness at home, but it also helps to decrease hairballs and constipation. This also serves as a bonding time between you and your pet.

Keep Up With the Laundry

Keeping up with the laundry will help to keep your clothes and linens looking fur-free. Allow yourself the time to clean things like pillows, throw blankets, and curtains that can get covered in pet fur and grime regularly.

Purify the air

Light scented candles, spray air fresheners, or diffuse essential oils at home to purify the air at home to eliminate strong pet odor. Your home will be smelling so good. Do this especially when you have guests coming over. Letting the air in can do the trick too. Open up your windows and let nature deodorize your home.

These steps can mean extra work for you, but these will guarantee a more pleasing home to live in for you and your pet pals.

home with pets is a happy home

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