Family Activities for Home During Quarantine

Running out of shows to watch or games to play at home? Here are some fun things to keep yourself and your family occupied beyond your usual at-home hobbies during your coronavirus quarantine.

Fun Family Activities During Quarantine


Have a vacation from home

Why not tick off some items in your bucket-list while under lockdown? Take a virtual trip of the world:

  • Google Arts and Culture – Explore the Taj Mahal, then dip over to the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico all from your couch.
  • 360Cities – See awe-inspiring nature and cities around the world.
  • EarthCam – Check on how the streets of Hollywood, Dublin, and Tokyo look like while on quarantine through live stream. Take a peek of iconic spots like the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, and beaches around the world.
  • Aurora Borealis – You won’t need a passport to gasp at the northern lights.
  • San Diego Zoo – Ease your cabin fever by tuning into the live cam feeds of cute furry animals from the zoo.
  • Resorts around the world – Hit the beaches in San Diego, Malibu, and the Caribbean without getting sand stuck to your feet.
  • National Museum of Natural History – Take a virtual tour of this Smithsonian institution, including past and current exhibits.
  • The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam – Step inside the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II.


Redecorate the house

Redecorate Your House - Family Activities for Home During Quarantine

If you’ve already done some spring cleaning, perhaps take it up a notch and do some redecorating this time. There are tons of inspiration you can check out online. You can also consider making new spaces at home. Get the whole family on board and let it be a fun bonding time for all.


Provide a project of the day

Provide a Project of the Day

If you’re a busy, working-at-home parent and have kids around, productivity expert Tonya Dalton suggests providing your kids with a ‘Quiz of the Day’ or ‘Drawing of the Day’ for them to complete. “If they’re distracting you when you’re trying to get work done, you can direct them back to the daily project. Not to mention, the entire family can discuss what was accomplished and learned that day when you’re together at night.” You can participate in online building challenges to spice things up.


Grow plants together

Throw in some seeds in a patch of land in your garden or backyard to grow new plants. There are also plants you can grow indoors from a glass jar with just water. You will be delighted to see how the seeds sprout into plants then after, use them for cooking!


Have a bake or cook-off

Have a bake or cook-off

Make mealtime even more exciting and see who’s the real Masterchef at home. You can set themes, say, make something from a particular country. Or see who makes the best cookie. If you have young ones at home, involve them, and be it a team effort. This is also a great opportunity to learn new skills and discover food together.


Try online work out together

Now that gyms and studios are still closed at the moment, make your body work and exercise together at home. You can find lots of videos to follow on YouTube. Whatever type of workout you enjoy, there are companies offering free online classes. What’s cool is you can also do this with family or friends who are away.

There is no better time than now to bond and have fun with those you are quarantined with. The entire team at Broadpoint Properties wishes you all the best during this challenging time.