The past months have been a roller coaster of emotions for most of us. With many shelter-in-place policies and the public stuck in the four walls of our homes, still, a lot of things can happen. We reached out to a few folks to check in on them and learn about how the pandemic has impacted their lives and their homes:

“Well, I spent a whole lot of time taking webinars and improving my professional skills and getting my MRP Certification (Military Relocation Specialist). Spending so much more time at home, my husband and I decided on a whole lot of home improvement projects. We gave our backyard a facelift with new sprinklers and setting pavers in concrete, getting an iron gate for the entry, building a new shed, and I did lots of gardening. I’m especially proud of all the pumpkins I grew from last years’ seeds. Last, but not least, I spend a lot of time on updating my wheelbarrow fairy garden where gnomes and fairies live in perfect harmony.” – Elisabeth L.








“The Pandemic has got me investing in upgrades for my kid’s school. I got them a new laptop, a headset, and even converted a part of the house for their study area. Good thing I have saved for emergencies, I was able to adjust to the difficulties of setting up my kids for home learning! Lesson of the day? Save up for the future! You’ll never know what will happen.” – Seb P.

“Now, I spend at least once a week video calling with my parents and grandparents to check in on them – the most I’ve ever talked to them in the past years. Being in quarantine has made me so much closer to my family, even though they are far away. It gives me a sense of relief to see them healthy and safe. I can be paranoid at times so I also send them care packages to protect them from the virus, like UV light sanitizers, antibacterial and soap, protective masks, supplements and more. Better be safe than sorry. I can’t wait for this pandemic to be finally over so I can give them a big hug.

I also try to occupy myself with things to do to make staying at home a more pleasurable experience. I learned new hobbies like baking and gardening. I also liked doing ‘home reset’ projects—redecorating my space and saying goodbye to things that do not “spark joy” anymore.” – Kat M.








“As a broker and administrator, I had always conducted most of my work out of the office. However, as soon as the state of emergency hit, things changed. And, while it took me a little while to find my groove, I finally found it working from the dining room table. I bought a few work-from-home creature comforts (such as an office chair and some tech items) and also purchased a few luxury items (a Peloton and new family room chairs) to make staying home most days much more palatable. But, most of all, my yard (which looks better than ever because I can go out each day and pull a few extra weekends) has benefitted the most. And, Dixie, of course. While she always came to the office to fulfill her post as a morale officer, she also enjoys hanging out at home—although she does miss all the contact with the other agents, administrators, and clients.” – Melissa Z.




What about you – how are you coping up? Share with us your quarantine stories in the comments.