How to Change the Size of a Room with Paint

We shared in a previous blog about the power of color and how it creates mood in a space. Now, we’ll talk about the power of paint on how it can create a visual impact on a room. The amazing people at Liven Design illustrate how you can seemingly change the physical size of a room in the infographic below:



#1 Expand a room

All-white bedroom

Image from Style Caster


Use white paint on the walls and ceilings to make a small room appear larger is one of the oldest tricks in interior design. White surfaces allow light to bounce around the room, creating more openness and making the space seem bigger than it really is. Not a fan of white? Soft yellow, cool blue or light beige should also work.


#2 Stretch a room

light color ceiling, bold color walls in the living room

Image from


Got a low ceiling? Painting the walls a bold color and leaving the ceiling white or light color appears to add height to a room while expanding the space.


#3 Narrow a room

painted opposite sides of the wall

Image from


Close the space of a room that is too wide by painting opposite walls a bold color. Create the appearance of a longer room too.


#4 Shorten a room

accent wall in a dining room

Image from


Darker colors on distant walls to shorten a long room. Also a nice way to add a pop of color to a room.


#5 Lower the ceiling

blue paint on the ceiling

Image from


Aside from giving the appearance of a lower ceiling and a larger room, it also makes for a bold statement in a space.


#6 Compact a room

bold colored room

Image from


Going the complete opposite of #1, use darker paints to make a large room seem smaller and cozier. This is often used in reading areas, living rooms, and even bedrooms.


#7 Shorten the walls and lengthen

bathroom with top half wall painted black

Image from


Trick your eye into thinking a room is wider and longer than it really is by painting the top half of all the walls a bold or dark color and leaving the half white.

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