“Expect the unexpected, as life is full of surprises…” as they say. But when it comes to home keep and health problems, it can be quite a bummer. If you want to avoid headaches down the road, there are things you can stop doing on the daily to make sure your home is maintained properly. Below are 10 tiny habits you do that are ruining your home and health that needs to stop.

10 Little Things We Do Daily That Are Ruining Our Homes


Walking Around Wet After a Shower

Especially if you have hardwood floors, you will need to rethink this habit ASAP. Walking around the room with wet feet and dripping water all over will cause your wooden floors to warp and weaken over time. Make sure you’re dry as possible every time you step out of the shower.


​​Using the Wrong Type of Cleaner

You don’t use a laundry soap to clean yourself, right? Same goes with your home. Avoid using water-based cleaner on a laminate floor, vinegar on granite, lemon juice on marble and chemical cleaners on painted cabinets. The right type of cleaning supply matters, so make sure to read the label and do your research.


Not Using Furniture Pads on Hardwood Floors

Having furniture pads underneath your furniture will save your hardwood floor from scuff marks when it slides around. There will also be less squeaking and creaking. Felt pads are a popular choice.


Pouring Grease Down the Sink

Oil should never go down the drain as they will harden in your pipes and cause serious plumbing issues. Same goes for coffee grounds and pasta water. Pour grease into a separate container before washing your frying pan.


Leaving Wet Towels in the Bathroom

Towels in moist environments like the bathroom can be the perfect habitat for fungus and bacteria. It is ideal to change your towels every three to four uses. After every use, dry them properly.


Letting Vines Grow on the Side of your Home

Sure, climbing vines can be pretty and make your home look “upscale”. But they can cause potential damage to the structure that supports it. It can also serve as a home to bugs you probably don’t want crawling around your home. They can also trap water against the side of your home.


Making Your Bed Right After You Wake Up

This might be good news for people who hate making the bed right after waking up! If you make your bed right away, you’re actually trapping all the moisture from your body under the sheets, which can be the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. It’s better to let your bed air dry for a while to dry before making it.


Keeping your Curtains Open all the Time

We are all for letting the natural light in, but all that sun-soaking might damage your furniture and your hardwood floors to fade and discolor. As much as possible, close the blinds when you’re away.


Forgetting to Clean your Gutters

Clogged rain gutters can lead to poor drainage and sometimes even water intrusion. So make sure you schedule a cleaning at least twice a year, especially before the rainy season.


Slamming the Door

Repeatedly shutting the door too hard might eventually ruin its alignment, leaving a gap between the jam and trim.


Hope you keep these tips in mind. If not addressed, these small issues can lead to an expensive disaster too—if no action is taken right away.

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