Minimalist Halloween Decor Ideas

Have you got your spook on yet? If you don’t feel like going all out this Halloween for your decorations, perhaps you can take inspiration from these minimalist decor ideas. Plus, some of the DIYs require little effort as well.

DIY Spooky Halloween Candles

Halloween Candles

Image from Growing Spaces

These candles embrace the term “minimalism” and are super easy to make. You only need candles and a black sharpie. Have fun drawing ghostly faces onto the candles.


Bloody Home Number

Small details can make a huge impact. Squirt some red hot glue gun onto the edges of your digits, blow on it to accelerate cooling and help control the drops. You can also try this on your mailboxes and letter slots. When Halloween’s over, these things are easy to peel off.


Skull-pture Display

Skull-pture Display

Image from Harlowe James

This gold skull is a classy nod to Halloween.


Creepy Pillow Cases

creepy pillow case

Pillow Cases from W. Francis.

These throw pillows do not look so huggable. But they really are.


Black branches

Just paint a branch from outside and voila! You’ve got yourself a simple yet sophisticated centerpiece.


Faux Crows

These crows are frightfully realistic. Will definitely be a stand out when you place them against a blank white wall.


Bewitchin’ Door Mat

What a witty way to welcome people into your home!

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