Yellow sofa in a well-lit room


A photogenic home makes a good first impression and attracts more potential buyers. So sellers, take note — the following are ways to prepare your home for the listing photos.


Make it sparkle

We clean up when guests come over, right? So much more when you’re selling your home! Bust the dust and ensure that the place has been swept, floors and furniture polished, the beds are made, floors and appliances shined.


Make it bright

Good lighting is your best friend in a real estate photo shoot. While your pro photographer may set up studio lighting, nothing beats the beauty of natural light. Let it in — open up windows and use light colored curtains. Don’t forget to turn on all your lights too and features like a chandelier or fireplace.

well-lit kitchen

Remove clutter

Less clutter opens up a room and makes it look larger. A more open and larger space is enticing to buyers. Make sure to:

  • Clear tables and surfaces of unnecessary items
  • Have minimal tools on kitchen counters
  • Remove all magnets and notes on the fridge
  • Keep away cleaning items like sponges, scrubbers and plunger


No personal items

Get rid of all personal items, and anything political or religious. Put away eye glasses on bed side tables, hampers, documents and the likes. For your home to be more appealing to a wider audience, put away things that show any strong opinions or eccentricities such as inappropriate posters, political or religious items or signs and the likes.


Make it Presentable

inviting home curb appeal


  • Improve Your Curb Appeal
    You can’t go wrong with making your curb appeal more inviting. It makes total sense as the first impression is the only impression when selling a home. What you can do can be as simple as mowing the lawn and landscape. Make sure that the driveway is clear and the exterior walls are neat. You may repaint the front door too. Make people feel welcome and safe as they approach the house.
  • Close toilet seats
  • Use neutral-colored linens
  • Create a simple table setting
  • Add a floral or fruit bowl centerpiece on the dining room table


Now your home is picture-perfect and ready for buyers to see. If you or anyone you know is considering selling a home in San Diego County, feel free to contact the agents at Broadpoint Properties.