Is your property starting to gather cobwebs, sitting for ages on the market? There could be several causes for this and those causes can be beyond your control. But there are also reasons a home won’t sell that can make one say “What’s going on?” This may sound a little bit harsh, but often some minor action that can be controlled is what is holding back the sale.

Ridiculous reasons people cannot sell a home

Ridiculous reasons people cannot sell a home

They insist on an unrealistic price even though market value is much lower.

The price you want and what the market will pay can be two very different things. If the home is listed at too high a price, buyers will not be interested—and the longer it sits on the market, the more it starts to look like there’s something wrong with it. Setting the right price on the property is very important; it may actually prompt multiple offers, which can drive the price up higher!

They refuse to pack up their clutter and remove personal items

This is one of the first things to do before listing your home. See through the eyes of potential buyers and make them feel like they want to start a new life in your home. Nobody wants a space that is cluttered and filled with other people’s stuff. A home free of clutter sends a certain message to buyers and it makes it easier for buyers to imagine their lifestyle there.

They may have items in the home that could offend buyers

“Start with removing all personal items, and anything political or religious.” says Roh Habibi of Million Dollar Listing San Francisco. For your home to be more pleasing to a wider audience, keep stuff that’s showing any strong opinions or eccentricities out of sight: this includes inappropriate posters, political or religious items or signs among other things.

Sellers want to include personal property and overvalue the personal property.

Selling the home that you loved and had so many beautiful memories in can be quite emotional. And that makes it harder to make objective decisions when it comes to value. Often times, sellers insist on including personal property in the sale—personal property with sentimental value which far outweighs the book value on the items.

The home isn’t clean

We tidy up when guests and friends come over, right? We want to impress them and make them feel welcome and happy to stay. So much more when you’re selling your home! Make sure that the place has been swept, floors and furniture polished, and the beds are made, among other things.

The home isn't clean

They stay home during the showings

What is supposed to be an informative tour of your home can quickly turn into an awkward contact if the seller is home during the showings. Surely, sellers mean well by pointing out features, but buyers are likely to feel uncomfortable because they cannot explore in their own way at their own pace. Let the agent lead the showing and take care of the rest.

It’s totally understandable if it’s your first time and you feel unsure about how to prepare your home for sale and what to expect during the sales process. Feel free to put your trust in the agents at Broadpoint Properties. They’ll help you get your home prepared and on the market in a quick and efficient manner.