Signs That You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home Right Now

“When you’re selling, you’re buying too” – says a popular English proverb and it best applies when selling your home. COVID-19 raised lots of questions and new ideas for homeowners. Some are relocating because interest rates were low. Some are unhappy where they were living. As great as the idea of starting a new life in difficult times is, sometimes, we’re just not ready to let go and sell our homes.

Here are some reasons why you will need to wait to sell your home.

Your Home Needs Some Improvement

Ask yourself: “Will my home sell fast?” Try putting your feet into the buyers’ shoes; evaluate your home and see if there’s anywhere that needs to be repaired or improved. Here are a few remodeling projects that will surely reward you when it is time to sell.

You’ve Just Refinanced

If you’re one of the people who took advantage of low interest rates recently, then you may have to wait a little longer before listing your home. Refinancing is a huge financial process and you would not want to go through a whole lot of transactions soon. Plus, after just having your financial woes lowered and eased, you would want to savor the sweet deal for a longer time.

Perhaps, you may consider refinancing instead of selling and moving out, especially if you’re not seeing the right home for you on the market right now.

You’re Having Financial Uncertainty Right Now.

For you to afford a new home, you’ll need to present documentation that you have a steady flow of income. The process of selling and buying is itself, a lot to take in – the last thing you need is to worry about your finances. Let the sky clear up, and when you’re absolutely ready, then you can go ahead and enter the real estate game.

You’re Not Finding the Right Home

There are more buyers than available homes for sale right now so scouting for a better home for you to move in is going to be extra challenging. So we discourage selling your house if you don’t have a plan for interim housing—just in case you cannot find your next place right away. 

Hiring a top-notch real estate agent can help ease out the buying and selling process for you. So if you want to make a great move, and you’re in San Diego County, give us a call.