Stylish Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

The good ‘ol kitchen range hood — our kitchen’s built-in superhero, swooping in to save the day by sucking up all that steam, smoke, and grease, and whisking it away before it has a chance to settle on your cabinets or make your whole house smell like last night’s dinner.

There are many ways of styling this unsung kitchen hero now, below are some creative ways to inspire you!



Gold Kitchen Range Hood

Image by Ryan Garvin. Designer: Erica Bryen Design

Metallic range hoods make a lovely focal point in the kitchen. They are also durable and easy to clean.


Copper Kitchen Range Hood

Image by Robert Radifera, Designer: Nadia Subaran

You can get a copper range hood, or paint it over your existing one! Mind the proper prep and special primer to make it look flawless.



Marble Kitchen Range Hood

Image from Halstead Real Estate

The marble kitchen range hood adds more interest in a classic white kitchen.


Black and White Kitchen Range Hood

Image by Ali Harper Photography, Designer: Anna Wooten Loggins

A dark backsplash + a clean, white range cover = a match made in heaven!


Country Kitchen Range Hood

Image by Stacy Goldberg, Designer: Unique Kitchen & Baths

Here’s a cute white hood with a wooden accent that pairs well with the ceiling — giving the kitchen that perfect blend of old-world charm and modern elegance.

Barely There

Minimal Kitchen Range Hood

Image from Hauslane

Match it with the wall color. This creates a clean, less-distracting look especially for a busy kitchen.


Hidden Kitchen Range Hood

Image by Cody Ulrich

Style it in a way that will make you say “Where’s the hood?”


Brick Oven Kitchen Range Hood

Image by Hector Manuel Sanchez, Designer: Holly Smith

Get creative! Why not conceal the vent with a classic brick-oven look?


Green Cabinet Kitchen Range Hood

Image by Laurey W. Glenn

Hiding in plain sight — blend the range hood right in with the cabinets!


Wooden Accent Kitchen Range Hood

Image by J.L. Jordan Photography, Designer: Bethany Adams

Love the addition of wood accent that complements the wooden accents in this beautiful kitchen.


Rustic Accent Kitchen Range Hood

Image By Alison Gootee

Lean into the theme — we think it’s safe to say that the reclaimed wood accent on this range hood completes the rustic look of this space.


Which one is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!