Tips To Sell a Home Safely During the Coronavirus

Good news for home sellers: You are in a good position right now as there is little supply of homes for sale and there are quite a large number of buyers shopping around. The coronavirus has definitely reshaped the way we do real estate. Aside from observing social distancing protocols, keep in mind these things so you can attract home buyers while staying safe during quarantine.

Tips To Sell a Home Safely During the Coronavirus

Overpricing is a no-no
There may be scarce resources for homes right now, but buyers are still likely to look for a bargain, over paying a premium in this time of recession. So make sure the price is right.

Stage and show your home
The future of real estate sales is now and is greatly relying on virtual tours. One key for a successful online tour is a staged home. Doing FaceTime tours, Facebook Live events or Q&As, and 3-D virtual tours are starting to become the new norm activities done to attract buyers during quarantine. Make sure you and/or your agent are up to par with the latest tech to be able to do virtual tours.

Move out, as much as possible
Empty houses are easier to show these days. This is for you and your potential buyer’s safety. Some even offer self-showing, where smart locks are used to let buyers access the home all on their own.

More contactless transactions
At Broadpoint Properties, we have long adapted modern real estate practices like:
online document signing, earnest money delivery, e-mailed inspection reports and mobile notary during closings so no need for in-person meetings. We find ways to make buying and selling homes more convenient and accessible.