Things that you have at home to be thankful for during the pandemic

You’ve probably heard this time and time again this year — instead of feeling “stuck at home”, why not say “safe at home”. But sometimes, it’s just hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, right?

And you’ve probably heard this one too — no matter where you are in life and what you have, with gratitude, you’ll live a happier and more fulfilled life. Now here’s some perspective — despite all the not-so-great things that happened this year, here are the things we’re feeling thankful to have at home during this challenging time.

  • Air Conditioning

For keeping us cool and comfortable during hot days. That’s one less terrible thing you avoided to feel bad about this year.

  • Pool

For when you’re missing the beach, finding indoor workouts already too mundane, or running out of games to play with the kids – all you have to do is take a splash and cool down.

  • Living in a neighborhood with a place to walk/workout

Be grateful to be able to do your morning walk in your community. Less people and quiet can enable you to workout, process your thoughts and stay healthy.

  • Having a comfortable space to work from home.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, fancy-techy or simple it is, as long as you have a place to put your laptop on, somewhere to sit on, and stable internet, you’re good to go. Be grateful to be able to stay safe at home in your comfy pajamas and slippers while you work.

  • Support of friends and family

Be grateful for friends and family you can spend extended casual time with or Zoom/FaceTime when you need a console, mood boost or catching up. And be grateful that all remain healthy, and that everyone is employed despite the pandemic.

  • Time for yourself

Perhaps all this happened so we can take a closer look at our lives and slow down. Take it as an opportunity to be more thoughtful with every aspect of our lives — career, hobby, relationships and self-improvement, and spend our time and energy on things that truly matter.

Gratitude is an attitude—and mastering that attitude will get you closer to what you want to achieve this year and beyond. We hope that these little details of your life remind you that there are things to be grateful for this year. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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