Not Your Usual Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Spooky season is upon us and we’re here for it! If you’re looking for something more up-to-date and unique, take a look at these Halloween decor ideas for inspiration. We are also sharing tips for wicked yet chic decorating this time of year.


Make a statement and consider focusing on only one area of your home to go all out instead of having Halloween knick-knacks all over the place. The mantel is a good place to play around with.


Try a constrained color scheme. When we think of Halloween, immediately you’d think of orange pumpkins, blood, and purple witches, which altogether can look tacky. This room nails it by sticking with neutral colors for the skulls, crows, potion books, and bottles. It looks much kinder to the eyes and blends well with any interior.


Tell a story. This bookshelf tells us like it belongs to someone with a fascination for anatomy and perhaps more… (goosebumps!) Choose a theme. You’re not limited to pumpkins and ghosts. You get to choose your own idea of creep or mystic. It’s more fun and compelling when the styling is actually intentional and not just random.


Go creepy-cute. Halloween is a fun time for the kids and the kids at heart. We are dying for these candy-colored decors that is perfect for trick or treat.


Image from Walmart

Don’t forget the yard. If you think spider webs and skeletons by the door are getting old, try this led light web for your outdoor space!

Bonus: You can use the strip lights for many other special occasions.

We hope these ideas help. If you want more Halloween decor ideas, check out our previous post. Enjoy this magical time!